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Monitoring of soil erosion and runoff in Madagascar

07 novembre 2016

As part of the Kolorano programme, an experimental system was settled on the watershed of Soarano (Ambalavao municipality) for the monitoring of soil erosion and water runoff.

In order to measure the impact of different land uses on these indicators, the following land uses were chosen on the watershed: (i) crop field on tanety (hill) presenting bare soil part of the year, (ii) grassland and, (iii) Eucalyptus coppice.

The principle of the experimental system is to isolate a contributory area to the measurement (delineated by metal sheets) and to gather water from runoff while filtrating eroded soil. If first results are conclusive, the system will be replicated on other watersheds in 2017.



Learn more about the Kolorano programme.

Forest regeneration study in Mozambique

10 mai 2016

In the context of the REDD + project on the outskirts of the National Reserve of Gilé in Mozambique, a mission of  inventory of 2 months and half began in early April.

Miombo Forest © Etc Terra

This study aims to provide a better understanding of forest regeneration dynamics regarding biodiversity and carbon stock, after more or less long cycles of slash-and-burn agriculture or charcoal production. Moreover, the results will allow understanding the factors favoring forest regeneration, in order to implement activities with multiple benefits - economic and environmental - with farmers and charcoal producers. A first phase of identification and understanding of the history of some fields to Gilé and Naeche, allowed starting the field inventory at the begining of April.

Learn more about the Gilé National Reserve 


Deforestation study in Mikea National Park (Madagascar)

04 avril 2016

As part of a WCS project to promote bio cotton cultivation around the Mikea National Park, Etc Terra and Biotope Madagascar were mandated for quantitative study of deforestation and its direct and indirect causes.

Etc Lab' & Biotope Team © Etc Terra

This first mission aimed to observe deforestation dynamics in the neighbourhood of the Mikea National Park and to meet local stakeholders, in the cotton sector and deforestation agents. It was also done to prepare the remote sensing analysis of changes in forest cover (period 1990-2015) and a large socio economic survey which will be conducted in April 2016. As a preliminary conclusion, family farming on slash-burn seems to be the main direct cause of deforestation to which is added significant pressure related to bush fires for hunting or breeding, accented by natural factors such as cyclones. To be continued...


Waste valorisation in Bouaké: platform under construction

25 mars 2016

The platform of treatment and valorisation of waste is being built in Bouake, the second largest city of Côte d'Ivoire. A mission of Terra Etc returns and could judge the good progress of work.

Under the AFRICOMPOST programme and in partnership with the National Agency for Urban Salubrity (ANASUR), the platform of Bouaké is currently under construction and will be delivered next summer.
Dimensioned to handle 5,000 tons of waste per year and produce 1,000 tons of compost, this platform will also benefit from spaces specially dedicated to treatment of plastics and paper / cardboard.
Furthermore, market studies will soon be launched to prepare the marketing of various products of the activity.

Learn more about this project in Bouaké


Kolorano launch

18 mars 2016

Under the decentralized cooperation programme between the Metropolis of Lyon and the Upper-Matsiatra Region, our new Integrated Water Resource Management programme (Kolorano) has been launched in Madagascar.

Anti-erosion systems © Agrisud

Led by Etc Terra, this programme is implemented in partnership with Agrisud International and has been recently launched. The first mission has just ended and its objective was to identify watersheds that will benefit from agricultural and forestry developments to improve the availability of water resources and preserve soil fertility. Social and environmental impacts will also be monitored on these watersheds subject to water catchments. All the activities aim at limiting potential conflicts between drinking water and agricultural water while ensuring food security of local populations. The opening of this program is also an opportunity to welcome our new colleague, Jean-Marie Sibomana, who will coordinate the activities of Kolorano. Welcome Jean-Marie!
Learn more about Kolorano

2014 Annual report

23 octobre 2015

Etc Terra publishes its 2014 annual report. Positive results and another year of growth.


The year 2014 was a year of sustained growth for Etc Terra. Besides finding new funding and partnerships, the association now has a second permanent presence in Africa, and more specifically in Mozambique, installing Etc Terra as a long term partner in this country.
Operationally, Etc Terra has reinforced its expertise on REDD + theme - or Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation - through continued Holistic Conservation Programme for Forests (HCPF) in Madagascar, Gile National Reserve project (RNG) in Mozambique and EcoRegional REDD+ Project (PERR-FH) in Madagascar. Furthermore, the association is getting  experience in Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) with the launch of Zambazamba project, but also in the field of bioenergy, in particular biogas technology.


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Zambazamba project is continuing

11 juin 2015

In March 2014, Etc Terra and Agrisud International launched a pilot project of Integrated Water Management Resources in Madagascar with funding from The Metropole de Lyon and the Water Agency Rhône-Méditerrannée-Corse.


One year later, still in close collaboration with the Région Haute-Matsiatra, the pilot phase is extended for another year to allow for initiated agro-forest facilities, producers training and hydrological measurements in Zambazamba watershed.

This pilot project has also had the honor at the last World Water Forum held in South Korea in April.


A new award for Madacompost

08 juin 2015

Madacompost team

Madacompost won the National Energy Globe Award Madagascar 2015.


With more than 170 participating countries and over 1500 project submissions annually the Energy Globe Award is today's most prestigious environmental prize worldwide. It distinguishes projects regionally, nationally and globally that conserve resources such as energy or utilize renewable or emission-free sources.

This price rewarded the treatment and recycling of municipal waste activity of Madacompost in Madagascar.


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Etc Terra at COP 20 (Lima)

17 décembre 2014

Cacao plantation. © Etc Terra

Visit of the Martin Sagrado REDD+ project, parallel to the Climate Conference to be held this year in the Peruvian capital


Thanks to our Pur Projet friends and to their local partners (FUNDAVI, ACOPAGRO, etc), we had the great opportunity to visit the Martin Sagrado REDD+ project.

Once known for coca production and drug trafficking, the area has been converted in less than twenty years in cocoa producing area, a culture that allows farmers to earn on average € 2,000 / ha / year (in organic / fair trade).
To avoid cocoa-dependence, Pur Projet now supports the diversification of alternative activities to deforestation: beekeeping, fish farming and reforestation especially since nearly 2,000 hectares have already been planted ((capirona head) ) and the expected revenue to 20 years may also be very attractive.
In the end, a very rewarding visit (see pictures on our Facebook) that deeply inspired us regarding REDD+ projects that we implement in Madagascar and Mozambique.


Forest inventories in Madagascar

26 avril 2014

Our team leaders © Etc Terra

As part of a broad eco-regional REDD+ programme, 3 Etc Terra teams are leaving today to conduct humid forest inventories during 3 months. The time to wish good luck to our three team leaders who will live an adventure they should long remember ...


Through the Environmental Programme 3 (Financing World Bank), Madagascar is committed to meet all REDD+ projects developed in the 9 million hectares of humid forest of the country within an eco-regional approach implemented by a consortium made of Etc Terra, Wildlife Conservation Society, the National Office for the Environment and Madagascar National Parks.

This program involves conducting a major campaign of forest inventories : 600 plots will be measured from north to south of the country in order to develop the most accurate map of forest carbon stocks.

For Etc Terra, Heriniaina, Telina and Sedera will tackle the most remote and the highest forests of the country.

Soava dia (good trip ) !


Etc Terra at COP 19 (continuation)

03 décembre 2013

Where the Climate is going to?

Read the 19th Climate conference Report written by the Secretary of Etc Terra (in French only).


Etc Terra at COP 19

14 novembre 2013

The nineteenth session of the Conference of the Parties is held from 11 to 22 November 2013 in Warsaw, Poland.


The Secretary of EtcTerra has co-publish, with the Interstate Centre against Drought in the Sahel (CILSS, based in Ouagadougou), a "COP 19 Special Bulletin" with an history of 20 years of climate negotiations, since the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 until COP 18 in Doha in 2012. This Bulletin decrypts West African countries agenda and issues during COP 19 in Warsaw. Olivier Bouyer also accompanies negotiators during the two weeks of climate negotiations.
Read the Bulletin (in French only): part1, part2, part3


Madacompost rewarded!

16 octobre 2013

As part of Convergence Forum 2015, the Gevalor-Madacompost partnership received the International Convergences Award for its action of recycling household waste in the city of Mahajanga, Madagascar.

Gevalor and Etc Terra at awards ceremony. © Convergences

Convergences is the first permanent platform in Europe that brings together all of the actors engaged in poverty alleviation. Convergences’ goal is to promote sustainable economic, social and environmental development in northern and southern countries, and to promote linkages and coordination between stakeholders committed to these issues.

On the occasion of the 6th edition of the Convergences World Forum which took place from September 17 to 19, 2013 in Paris, Madacompost received the "International Award of innovative partnerships for poverty reduction."

Read the press release (in French only)


Scientific Publication: Measurement and monitoring of deforestation

10 septembre 2013

Estimating deforestation in tropical humid and dry forests in Madagascar from 2000 to 2010 using multi-date Landsat satellite images and the random forests classifier.

Forest cover change

High resolution and low uncertainty deforestation maps covering large spatial areas in tropical countries are needed to plan efficient forest conservation and management programs such as REDD + (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation). Using an open-source free software (R, GRASS and QGis) and an original statistical approach combining multi-date land cover observations based on Landsat satellite images and the random forests classifier, we obtained up-to-date deforestation maps for the periods 2000–2005 and 2005–2010 with a minimum mapping unit of 0.36 ha for 7.7 M hectares, i.e. 40.3% of the tropical humid forest and 20.6% of the tropical dry forest in Madagascar. Uncertainty in deforestation on the maps was calculated by comparing the results of the classification to more than 30,000 visual interpretation points on a regular grid.


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Activity Report 2012

17 juillet 2013

Etc Terra publishes its first report on the achievements of 2012, a first year already full of projects and bright prospects.

2012 will remain as the year of birth of Etc Terra. The association started its activity on 1 July 2012 based on an operational team of six people, mostly from the Action Carbone program of Goodplanet Foundation.

The nature of the projects operated by Etc Terra reflects the diversity of topics addressed (forestry, agriculture, energy, waste), but also obvious complementarities between them. The mission of Etc Terra - combine preservation of the natural capital and economic dynamism in rural areas of developing countries through scalable and replicable projects implemented on the ground - will only succeed in abolishing often too rigid boundaries between these issues, this is our conviction!

Read full report (French version)


Africompost Mission in Madagascar

03 juillet 2013

From 3 to 15 June 2013, the waste project manager of Etc Terra went to Madagascar to formalize the integration of Mahajanga project of Madacompost in Africompost program.

Open Day in Mahajanga.

The first part of the mission consisted in taking cognizance of project progress, defining the role of the local operator (Madacompost) under Africompost program (particularly in terms of sharing experiences with other composting operators) and preparing future actions to improve compost production and overall profitability of the unit.

The mission of Etc Terra was also the opportunity to exchange with local stakeholders with an Open Day and a conference organized by Madacompost in Mahajanga as part of the Environmental Week.
In a second step, the mission was centered around replication opportunities of the project in other cities in Madagascar. In particular in Nosy Be, where Madacompost won in June 2012 a market to manage the future landfill implemented in the framework of a project of the Urban Municipality of Nosy Be and PIC Programme (Integrated Growth Poles). The manager of Madacompost and the representative of Etc Terra could exchange with local stakeholders to define the activities prior to the start of the intervention of Madacompost (no later than summer 2014, following the construction work). A pilot phase including composting trials will be particularly led in the coming weeks on a waste transit site.


Etc Terra Mission on project Biogas in Mali

01 juillet 2013

From June 11 to 19, Etc Terra went to Mali with the dual objective of 1) make the state of play of the project in terms of progress and implementation of activities 2) conduct Local Stakeholders Consultation Meetings, with field partners, in the frame of certification process of the project to the Gold Standard voluntary carbon label.

Construction in Kita. © Etc Terra

This mission, concomitant with that of the Indian NGO SKG Sangha, showed the progress in the design and construction of test biodigesters. A total of 8 units, with relatively similar specifications to the Indian model, is being deployed.

Furthermore, in accordance with the Gold Standard procedure, the stakeholder consultation, prior to effective launch of the buildings, took place in the two intervention areas, Kita (Thursday, June 13) and Bougouni (Saturday, June 15), bringing together over a hundred participants.


Presentation at the European Geoscience Union General Assembly

13 mai 2013

From April 7th to 12th 2013, the European Geoscience Union General Assembly was held in Vienna, Austria. Work on Digital Soil Carbon Mapping from the REDD+ pilot project in Madagascar (HCPF) were presented during this event.

European General Assembly is likely to be the biggest scientific meeting in the Earth Sciences fields. 2013 was particularly successful. More than 11 000 participants were gathered, and 13 3000 oral communication and posters were presented. EGU is organized in broad thematic sessions (Hazards, Ocean, Tectonic, Soil, etc.) and then in sub session that focus on actual research questions. Work on HCPF was presented in a session on soil organic matter (SOM), more precisely within a session named  “cost effective tool for monitoring soil organic carbon”.

Link towards the official website


Africompost project in Cameroon

05 avril 2013

As part of the program Africompost, Etc Terra and Gevalor visited Dschang from 17 to 28 February 2013.

Waste sorting. © Etc Terra

This city of 80,000 inhabitants located in West Cameroon has sawn the birth of a pilot composting project conducted by the association ERA Cameroon three years ago. After a feasibility study conducted in October 2011, the integration of this project to the program Africompost is still subject to the improvement of garbage collection service, in order to ensure a sufficient supply of the composting site. This requirement shall be lifted soon as local waste management actors have managed to unlock financial and material resources in this perspective.
The mission focused on drawing perspectives for empowerment and production increase of the composting site. With the aim of treating 10 000 tons of waste per year by 2017, the composting unit should be fitted close to the existing landfill and in capacity to produce about 1,800 tons of compost annually.
To support the local operator in this development, a volunteer has been recruited by Gevalor since late 2012.


Convergences 2015

22 septembre 2012

Etc Terra participated to the forum Convergences 2015, a platform for discussion in Europe to establish new convergence between public, private and solidarity to promote the Millennium Development Goals and to fight against poverty and insecurity in the northern and southern countries.

From 19 to 21 September 2012, the 5th edition of the Global Forum Convergences 2015, brought together more than 5,000 participants (4,000 decision makers and experts from public, private and NGO’s, 1,000 young people ready to commit, 300 international speakers came to share their experiences and solutions, 200 journalists invited to reflect on engagement of the media).
Denis Loyer, vice president of Etc Terra, participated in the context of the session: "Innovative financing tools: some examples", to introduce issues of REDD+ mechanism for the development of rural areas in the South.

See the presentation



18 septembre 2012

Air France, GoodPlanet and WWF presented on September 18 in Antananarivo the results of the four years of work carried out under the Holistic Conservation Programme for Forests (HCPF), under the guidance of the Ministry of Environment and Forests and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Opening of HCPF Day. © Etc Terra

About sixty people - members of NGOs, research institutes, private companies and government - participated on this day and exchanged views and progress about the HCPF project.
Apart from the assessment of the four years of activities of forest conservation and carbon accounting work, the future prospects of the program were discussed. The partners largely discussed the conditions necessary to sustain the achievements of HCPF and develop new ambitions for a possible second phase of the project.

Read the article from the news agency of the Indian Ocean


SKG Sangha Mission to Mali

07 septembre 2012

As part of the project Biogas Mali, the Indian NGO partner SKG Sangha has completed its first mission of the field study.

Local training. © ICD/AVSF

The president of the association SKG Sangha, Mr Vidya Sagar, visited Mali from 26 August to 6 September 2012 for a preliminary mission to build the first pilot biodigester. With local teams of AVSF, he met the first 8 identified beneficiary families to understand their needs, especially in terms of energy for cooking and lighting. This visit has also helped to plan the future activities to initiate the construction work during the dry season (late 2012 - early 2013), since the rainy seasons are difficult and proves to be an obstacle to construct the biogas units.
Finally, Mr. Vidya Sagar also spent two days on the field to provide training to the local teams of AVSF and ICD about the biogas technology.


Steering Committee meeting for the Mahavotra project

17 juillet 2012

The first meeting of the steering committee for the project was held July 17, 2012 in Antananarivo, in the presence of both the partners at field and the research institutions.

Analavory mapping. © IOGA

The results of the first 12 months of the Mahavotra project are very positive, almost all the objectives have been achieved. Some key figures:

  • 1,322 farming families have expressed their high interest in the project (10% more than the target)
  • 846 people were trained in good agro-ecological practices through 237 training sessions (compost, system of rice intensification, agroforestry plantations, grafting, ...)
  • 91,928 trees were planted for the benefit of 373 project beneficiaries on an area of 174 ha.

Concerning the research activities, an initial study and mapping analysis was conducted for delimitation of potential zones in the Itasy region, where the agro-ecological systems could be implemented. In addition, the mobile spectrometer (equipment used to study the carbon content of the soil) has been acquired and will allow the initiation of the work to calculate the carbon footprint of the agricultural activities in the second semester of 2012.