Training References


REDD+ training


  • Technical Assistance to institutions in charge of the REDD+ process (Madagascar - Sept-Nov 2012)

Training of National Environment Office (ONE) and General Directorate of Forestry (DGF) middle managers:

- Measuring carbon stocks in aboveground biomass and soil through dendrometric inventories (measurement of diameter and height  with Vertex, inout via the OpenDataToolkit application) and soil inventories (description and measurement of soil density, sampling of soil samples);

- Historical analysis of deforestation by remote sensing via a theoretical session (remote sensing methods and REDD+ related requirements) and a practical session (implementation of the methodology developed by the HCPF).


  • Madagascar National Parks training (Madagascar - March-April 2013)

- Historical analysis of deforestation: HCPF methodology;

- Modeling future deforestation: in partnership with the CIRAD;

- Measuring carbon stocks in aboveground biomass: converting dendrometric data collected on the ground to carbon stocks (tC / ha). Practical application in the Mantadia protected area;

- Mapping carbon stocks in aboveground biomass: in partnership with the CIRAD;



Family picture of the ONE-DGF training in Morondava © Etc Terra


GIS training 


  • Initial training QGIS - Engineers Without Borders (Madagascar - July 2012 and Nov. 2015)

- GIS Presentation, organisation and structure of GIS data;

- Import, display and manipulation of vector layers;

- Create and edit vector data, projection and reprojection;

- Import GPS data, cartographic page setting;

- Presentation of raster data, pre-processing and handling;

- Inter-operability QGIS / Google Earth.


  • QGIS upgrading - Metropolis of Lyon (Madagascar - May 2015)

- Organization of databases and coding system;

- Projection / reprojection: standardization of databases;

- Import / export of data from other bases (PostGIS, Access ...)

- Processing chain development;

- Apps on GRASS (hydraulic, DTM, 3D);

- Principle extensions in QGIS, application Epanet (Oslandia).

Training for agents of Metropolis of Lyon © Etc Terra