Etc Terra’s dedicated, passionate team have worked together for many years in the field.  They are engineers, agronomists, soil scientists, forestry specialists, GIS and remote sensing experts. Our team is allocated between the head office in Paris and our representations abroad.





Matthieu Tiberghien - CEO (►CV-ENG)

Holder of a Masters of Management from the University Paris-Dauphine and a Masters in Development Studies from the London School of Economics, Matthieu began his career as a project officer at UNESCO. After 2 years in a consulting firm specializing in the environment, he joined GoodPlanet in 2006 to initiate the program Action Carbon he directed for 6 years. With this experience, he has initiated the creation of the association Etc Terra.


Virginie Rogez - Administrative and financial director

Agricultural engineer graduated from the National Institute of Agronomy Paris-Grignon, Virginie first worked in consulting and communication for sustainable development. She joined GoodPlanet in April 2006 and after working four years on Bilan Carbone ®, she joined the team of project engineers in 2010 to devote herself to agriculture and forestry issues. Within Etc Terra since July 2012, she is in charge of the projects MahavotraBiogas in Mali, APROFIL and PAD-Nord. 


Clovis Grinand - Etc Lab' project officer (►CV-ENG)

Holder of a Masters of Information Systems for the Localized Management of the Territories, Clovis spent three years as a research engineer at the IRD. He joined GoodPlanet in May 2011 to devote himself to the work of remote sensing and modeling on projects related to forestry and agriculture. In 2012, he joined Etc Terra and initiated the creation of the Etc Lab', this scientific laboratory involved in many Etc Terra projects. 


Mathieu Gobin - Energy-Waste project manager (►CV-ENG)

Engineer from the Catholic Institute of "Arts et Métiers" (ICAM) of Lille, Mathieu first dealed with gaz industries projects abroad and then joined an engineering office specialized in energy and waste management working on urban projects. Within Etc Terra since November 2013, he is in charge of the projects Africompost and Re-Sources.


Marie Nourtier - Etc Lab' project officer (►CV-ENG)

Agricultural engineer graduated from the National School of Agronomy of Toulouse (France) and holder of a PhD in forest sciences conducted at INRA in Avignon (France), Marie worked 2 years in the ONFI as forests and climate projects coordinator in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She joined the the Etc Lab' in May 2015 to work on environmental and socio-economic impact evaluation.




Fety Rakotomalala - GIS and Remote sensing officer

Holder of a Master in Physics (Geophysics Option) from the Institute and Observatory of Geophysics of Antananarivo of the University of Antananarivo, Fety worked for two years as a remote sensor and GIS specialist on projects for biodiversity and sustainable management of environment in Madagascar and the Comoros. GIS trainer since 2011, he joined Etc Terra in 2012 and brings his expertise to project HCPF and other REDD+ project of our portfolio. 


Haingo Harinantenaina - Administrative and financial manager

Holder of a Higher Diploma in Accounting Sciences (DSSC) of the National Institute of Accountants and Business Administration Sciences (INSCAE) in Madagascar, Haingo worked for 15 years in the field of administration and finance in various international NGOs in Madagascar: French Association of Volunteers for Progress, France Volunteers and Action against Hunger. She joined Etc Terra in May 2013 as Administrative and Financial Manager of the local representation of Etc Terra in Madagascar.


Sedera Andriamisaintsoa - Project officer

Holder of a Master in Sciences and Environmental Management from the University of Liège (Belgium) and Engineer of Agricultural Sciences with a specilization in Forestry of the College of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Antananarivo (Madagascar), Sedera worked since 2010 as a consultant for various environmental organizations (Tany Meva, Conservation International). He joined Etc Terra's team in March 2014. He ensures the implementation of the second phase of Mahavotra and is also involved in the programme Kolorano.


Telina Randrianary - GIS and Remote sensing officer (►CV-ENG)

 Holder of a Diploma of Thorough Studies in Geophysics, Telina has specialized in the field of Environment and Remote Sensing at the Institute and Geophysical Observatory of Antananarivo (IOGA). Since his graduation in 2013, he worked as GIS and Remote Sensing consultant before joining the Etc Lab' in March 2014 for REDD+ projects.


Nantenaina Ramboatiana - PhD student

Postgraduate in Forestry, Environment and Development, and Engineering of Agricultural Sciences, Forestry specialization of the College of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Antananarivo (Madagascar), Nantenaina worked since 2011 as a consultant various international organizations in Madagascar. He joined the team of Etc Terra and HCPF project in April 2015 to pursue a thesis on the links between deforestation and soil carbon emissions.


Jean-Marie Sibomana - IWRM Project officer

Holder of a Forest Technician Diploma from the School of Agriculture and Forestry of  Nyamishaba (Rwanda) and of  a certificate of specialized lumberjack from Morondava Forestry Vocational Training Centre (Madagascar), Jean Marie first served from 1996 to 2000 as a trainer-consultant, primarily on the development, improvement, management of plantations of Eucalyptus and pines in Rwanda and in Madagascar, providing technical support to COBA  in the management of natural forests and project assessment in the sector of timber and fuel-wood.  He managed his seedling production plant for reforestation in the Anosy region before joining Etc Terra in March 2016 to ensure the implementation of Kolorano program.


Heriniaina Radosy - Project officer

Holder of a Master in Forestry, Development and Environment, and engineer of Agricultural Sciences, specialized in Water end Forestry from of the Higher School of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Antananarivo, Heriniaina worked as a consultant for different international organizations in Madagascar since 2012. He joined Etc Terra in march 2014 and brings his expertise to REDD+ and IWRM projects. He is now in charge of HPCF monitoring and evaluation.


Maud Ferrer - Energy project officer (►CV-ENG)

General engineer graduated from The "Ecole Centrale de Nantes", in 2012, Maud worked during 3 years as a consultant in a consulting and training company of project management. Then, she decided to move to Madagascar and worked as an independant consultant for several development projects in the field of energy (biogas and solar mini-grids) and agro-processing (fruits drying). She coordinates the project "Biogas Madagascar" in the region of Diana.




Corentin Mercier - Representative in Mozambique

With degrees from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in biology and economics, Corentin Mercier worked during 3 years in the forest sector in Central Africa and was then part of the French delegation at the UN climate change negotiations during 3 years. He later worked as adviser to the French Minister of Agriculture on forest and rural development. He is currently our representative in Mozamique.


Jean-baptiste Roelens - Project officer

Holder of a master Tropical environment and Biodiversity, Jean-bapstiste worked for 3 years in French Guyana, notably as forest ecology and soil science research officer at CIRAD. From 2008 to 2016 he worked at the WWF in Madagascar, France and Democratic Republic of Congo as Forest and Climate program manager. At WWF, he supported conservation, forest landscape restoration and REDD+ projects, he also conducted campaign and advocacy work on forest policies and energy infrastructure development. He joined Etc Terra in May 2016 as MOZBIO project manager around the Gilé national reserve in the Zambézia province in Mozambique.


Alexandre Trégourès - International volunteer

Initially formed in ethnology at the French National Museum of Natural History, Alexandre achieved in 2016 his specialization on social sciences, applied in the environment management (Advanced Master’s degree, AgroParistech Ingeneering School). During his last internship with Etc Terra in Mozambique, he worked to analyze the charcoal and firewood market sectors and their impacts on the forests of 7 districts, as part of the Zambezian REDD+ Program. Today, he pursues his engagement with Etc Terra as an International Volunteer.


 Vicky Viguet - Project officer 

A graduate of Sciences Po Lille and of the French Petroleum Institute in economics of sustainable development, environment and energy, Vicky first worked for the French administration in Madagascar and France and for the strategy department of an energy utility in Paris. After contributing to the French economic diplomacy on development projects in Mali, she joined the team of Etc Terra Mozambique in early 2016.


João Intata - Driver

Born in Gilé, João drives the Etc Terra team on the dirt roads of Zambézia. He has a deep knowledge of Miombo tree species and helps the team during forest inventories.



Côte d'Ivoire 


Romuald Vaudry - Representative in Côte d'Ivoire (►CV-ENG)

With a degree in Forestry, Romuald holds a Masters in Development and Integrated Management of the Territories (UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Developement). From 1995 to 2007, he worked as a forest technician in Normandy and has volunteered on several carbon forestry projects in tropical environments. After 4 years at GoodPlanet, he joined Etc Terra in July 2012 and is currently based in Antananarivo. After assuring the representation of Etc Terra in Madagascar during 3.5 years, he is currently our representative in Côte d'Ivoire and coordinates the Mé REDD+ project.




Anthony Guhur - Energy project manager

With a degree in "Environment - Earth - Change - Climate, Rural Area Speciality & Environment" of the University of Bourgogne (co-accredited with AgroSup Dijon), Anthony first worked on bio-energy projects in Senegal with the GIZ and the society BIOECO. He then joined the GERES to work on the same theme in Mali. Since September 2015, he is our Energy project manager in Bamako and is mainly mobilized on the project Biogas Mali.