Our mission

Our mission is to design, develop and lead projects that preserve the environment while contributing to the local economy.  Our projects are designed to be economically viable, scalable and replicable across developing countries.

Etc Terra’s combined environmental and business-led approach represents an efficient and sustainable way to tackle the challenges of economic development in these countries while also addressing global issues like climate change and the loss of biodiversity.  Etc Terra seeks to take advantage of initiatives such as the REDD+ partnership to promote its approach in bringing together food security, deforestation, soil fertility, agriculture and carbon finance with traditional public and private finance sources.



How we work


By contributing to a dynamic sustainable economy

Etc Terra develops pilot projects in sectors that support the emergence of a balanced and sustainable rural economy, such as: intensive agriculture that preserves soil fertility, maintenance of forest cover and biodiversity, water resource management, waste treatment, access to energy, and other initiatives.


With an approach that is tailored to the territory

Etc Terra favours integrated approaches at the right economic and ecological scale (watershed, forest and agriculture landscape) by creating new organisations in the community.  Together with its partners, Etc Terra is developing a competence in satellite mapping tools and geographic information systems..

By leveraging partnerships

Etc Terra proactively partners with organisations in both developing and developed countries, and is particularly adept at mobilising the private sector to become part of the solution for sustainable development.

Through diverse and innovative financing

Etc Terra invests in innovative financing mechanisms (such as payments for environmental services and carbon finance) which can supplement traditional development aid.

By giving priority to accountability

Etc Terra considers accountability and transparency to be an essential element of its mission. Our impact must be measurable and the results communicated to all (funders, stakeholders, general public) in a manner that is transparent (using both qualitative and quantitative indicators) and comprehensible by all (through videos, reports).